Copywriting can help you make the football team

Customers are football coaches. They test me, chirp me and judge me. They insult the way I throw the ball, question why I don’t have the proper footwear, and ignore my desparate displays of bootlicking – “You sure make that bald head of yours work Coach Smith!” Believe me, I’m actually a lot smoother with girls. 1 date in 2 years is not rock bottom around these parts of my campus. You can laugh, but wait until I shave my chest. Back to the football tryouts.


Football tryouts are not like track and field tryouts where you are guaranteed to make the team if you have the only thing they are looking for — two legs. They make cuts. Who can’t catch a ball? Who can’t run 5 km in under 40 minutes? Who can’t memorize and execute plays? It’s simple for them to exclude you and your out of shape friends. I know you are waiting for me to make my point.

Customers are the same. They actively seek out excuses to not buy your product. There are millions of products. Even before they read the copy, they are locked and loaded on excuses as to why they shouldn’t buy from you.

“Why didn’t they mention the physical facts?”

“Can they provide reliable service?”

“Why do they not have a trial period?”

“Where are the price comparisons?”

“Do they make it easy to order?”

“Does the ad make me curious?”


Don’t risk losing customers. I can offer you the cheat sheet. With it, you can become the quarterback. You don’t have to suffer loss in sales if you know what makes an effective and powerful copy. You can prepare for their tests. I’ll tell you why you need the cheat sheet.

What is the worst thing customers fear?

Buyer’s remorse – getting ripped off.

That’s it. Coaches don’t like feeling they made a mistake choosing you. So they test and make sure you are really not a chump but a prime candidate on the starting roster. To be on the team, you have to make the cuts. Copywriting is about making the cuts. The coach didn’t pick you, you were just the last one left. That is how you should think about copy. I’ll tell you how my blog and expertise can help you.


I’ll teach you how to anticipating objections and resolve them in your copy. Anticipate and resolve, anticipate and resolve. Rinse and repeat. You can sell anything if you can anticipate your customers objections. You can write to sell any product if you know what turns customers off. This is the value of my blog. I can show you how to assure customers they are making an awesome buying decision – free of charge.


There was a time when you and I didn’t have a lot of choice. With the injection of innovation and variety in today’s markets, the buying paradigm is one of exclusion not inclusion.

It is the difference between selling the idea of attending a party to a nerd and selling it to a socialite. Nerds are looking for excuses to attend the party, to be included. Socialites are looking to for reasons why they shouldn’t go to a party when there are so many others they can attend.

We are selling to socialites now.

If I held your attention up to this point, then we can be friends.


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